The Baltimore Teachers Union has recently signed a new contract that includes several notable provisions. The contract, which was agreed upon in early 2021, will affect thousands of teachers and students in the Baltimore City Public School system.

One of the most significant aspects of the contract is its focus on improving teacher retention rates. The new contract includes provisions that will incentivize teachers to stay in the district by providing salary increases and other benefits for those who remain in the system for a set period of time. This is a crucial step for Baltimore City Schools, as high teacher turnover rates have been a persistent problem in recent years.

Another important aspect of the contract is its emphasis on equity and inclusivity. The contract includes provisions that will help to address longstanding racial and socioeconomic disparities in the district. For example, the contract includes language that will ensure that students in under-resourced schools have access to the same quality of education as those in wealthier areas.

In addition to these provisions, the contract also includes improvements to working conditions for teachers. This includes increased planning time, reduced class sizes, and improved resources for teachers to use in the classroom.

Overall, the new contract represents a significant step forward for the Baltimore Teachers Union and the Baltimore City Public School system. By addressing issues such as teacher retention, equity, and working conditions, the contract will help to improve the quality of education for thousands of students in the city. As the school year begins, teachers and students alike can look forward to the positive changes that this contract will bring.